Buying skills of bedroom bed

First, gently shake, feel the bedside and bed connection fastness. Whether it is a wooden or iron bed head, it needs to be processed to connect it with the bed. In life, people often read and watch TV at the head of the bed. If the connection is not strong enough, the bedside will shake and affect the use.

Three, the material of the bed is matched with the home style. A bed with a strong modern sense of home style; if the furniture is mostly solid wood, the bed also should be solid wood; the home with cold hue, can choose the bed of the iron bed head or the steel frame structure.

Two, the more the bed bracket, the better the stability of the bed. When you choose the mattress, look carefully at the number of the stents in the bed. Try to pick up the stents as much as possible so as to avoid the trouble of shaking or "squeaking" in the future.

Four. Bedside height is in line with the upper body length. Too high or too short the head of the bed will cause inconvenience to the user, and the guarantor can sit on the bed with his head resting on the head of the bed. In addition, many beds on the market are designed to be very luxurious, but in life, it is not easy to handle, more difficult to match the home environment, so the choice of simple decorative bedside can.

Five, under the bed with the receiving cabinet, increase the storage space. At present, many wood beds have the function of storage. Through the hydraulic rod, the bed can be lifted easily, and the quilt, heavy clothing and so on can be stored inside, thereby saving household space and moistureproof.

Six. The best bed is about 45 - 55 centimeters. Consumers can also use the knee as a yardstick, usually sitting on the edge of the bed, with the foot just touching the ground. The height of the bed will make it difficult for people to get up and get out of bed. Too short is easy to damp the bed. It may also increase the amount of ground dust inhaled during sleep. In addition, the double bed at home is usually 1.5 * 2 meters, the big bed is 1.8 * 2 meters. When purchasing, it can be measured practically.d1.jpg