Outside the window, it is a green meaning, the branches that once opened the colorful flowers, faded the bright ornaments, returned to the quiet green, the cicadas sounded occasionally, everything was quietly greeting the arrival of the summer. What brand is good to choose imported furniture for hot summer days?

1528422056118.jpgJOQUER armchair
FORA FORM armchair
03 green accessories
If you do not have much time and patience to irrigate a green plant, but also to change the heart of the furniture is not enough, then, in order to make the summer home radiant new, it is better to start from the simplest accessories. Whether it's a vase, pillow or bedding, a vibrant green, cool your bedroom in summer.
04 green background
If you feel tired of these fist and embroidered legs, if you feel that you are not enough, you want to make a big change to the home, so the large area of filling this popular color, let the family suddenly glow new vitality.
The combination of dark green background and wooden furniture and rattan furniture can bring natural refreshing feeling to the whole home atmosphere. If your original home atmosphere is not so thick and green, you can also try the wallpaper decorated with green elements, and also have a strong natural wind.
Long summer days, use this green to enjoy the fresh breath of nature.