Buying a house and decorating is a big event in life. We need to pay a lot of energy. But even if we buy a good house and finish the decoration, our task is still not finished, because we have to choose furniture. Furniture should be considered not only beautiful, but also practical. If it is not bought well, it will be uncomfortable to live.

For example, bed now, there are many kinds of beds, some of them are very comfortable to sleep, others are just "flowers". It can be said that the type of bed has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. There are 3 kinds of beds that have a good or bad effect on our lives. Let's have a look.

The first is the barometric bar bed. The barbed bed used to be very popular, but now it has basically disappeared. Although this bed looks very high-end, but its high-end is precisely its shortcomings. This kind of pneumatic bar will be broken for a long time, so as to shorten the service life of the bed. The pressure bar bed is almost the same as the usual pressure stool in the office. It is believed that everyone has heard of the explosion of the barometric stool, and the danger of the barometric bar bed can be imagined.
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The second is the receiving bed. The biggest feature of the receiving bed is the drawer, which is very suitable for the small family. It makes use of the space under the bed perfectly, increases the space for receiving and saves other available space. Besides, this bed has a longer service life, so I suggest that you buy this kind of bed.

The third is the wall bed. Wall bed is a high-tech product - when we don't sleep, we can stand up the bed, hang it on the wall, look like a wall in appearance, and come out with a lot of space, and it's easy to pull the bed down when you go to bed. This bed is also very suitable for small family families, so if your house size is relatively small, you can consider this one.